Our seventy-year experience

Looking at yourself from a distance can help make the present ever clearer. Tecnoacciai is a tale of a family story. A project which comes to life in the 1950s thanks to the courage and abilities of Savino Bevilacqua.

The war has just ended, dr. Savino Bevilacqua is finally free after four years in a British POW camp in India. His life experience spurs him to write new pages in his personal history book. His role as an artillery captain has enrichee his cultural background, and he now has a deep knowledge of foreign languages and confidence in his professional abilities.

After his return to Milan and thanks to his personal profile he is soon hired as a foreign relations officer for Falck iron and steel works. His next step will bring him to manage Falck’s steel mill in Bari. It is now 1955. His desire to embrace his native lands is getting more and more intense. Savino makes the decision to go back home in Apulia, just like a sailor after years at sea. That return means sharing a project and a professional vision with his children. The company expands in 1967, with the establishment of the first steel complex in Terra di Bari which combines Falck’s presence to a new project.


We seek to offer high-quality steel stock and cutting to Southern Italian metalworking companies, for the widest range of needs and requirements and guaranteeing the lowest possible prices, the best quality on the market and offering ourselves as a partner for logistics and supply sourcing of ferrous raw materials.

About us

Sharing as a core value

Tecnoacciai is devoted to supplying, working and distributing steel and metal products to the national and international markets.


Our products are aimed at satisfying the needs and requirements of the mechanical engineering industry, as well as the stainless steeelworking industry and metal working in general.


Tecnoacciai trades in national and international markets and interfaces with both large-scale companies and small local metalworkers and carpenters.


We aim to put clients front and centre in our daily businees, and become a place where anyone can come and find whatever they may need for their steel working purposes, ready and shipped in a day.